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Spanning an incredible 42 years, ‘R-Kive’ is a new 3-CD, 37-track set that documents the band’s history in the most comprehensive way yet. Compiled by the band themselves via a process of collaboration and elimination, ‘R-Kive’ takes an in-depth, chronological journey through the catalogue and - for the first time ever for a Genesis collection - includes three personally chosen selections from the solo careers of Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, and Mike Rutherford / Mike + The Mechanics. Click here to buy.


Release The Singles: 1986-2013

Mike & The Mechanics celebrate 25 years since the release of their biggest hit with their first definitive, cross label collection of their biggest hits released through Universal on 21st October.

Formed in 1985 by Genesis founder Mike Rutherford, Mike & The Mechanics had a series of hit songs including Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground), All I Need Is A Miracle, Word Of Mouth and Over My Shoulder. However, it was with The Living Years, that the band went on to have the biggest hit of their career.

Now, 25 years on, the track takes pride of place on the collection of hits, B-Sides and rarities along with a new track When My Feet Don’t Touch The Ground and a previously unheard track One By One.

Mike said: I am proud of the writing and recording of so many of the songs and of all the musicians involved along with the producers/ engineers and technical staff. Especially to Paul Carrack and Paul Young two of the finest voices. And now to Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar who are carrying on the Mechanics sound with me. That sound is the combination of everyone involved and the fact that people can recognise it is one of our best achievements .”

Mike & The Mechanics has always been a collective and this most recent incarnation of the band features founder Mike Rutherford alongside vocalists Tim Howar and Andrew Roachford.

New track on the album When My Feet Don’t Touch The Ground was written by Rutherford and Roachford. The album also features a previously unrelased track, One By One featuring former vocalists Paul Carrack and Paul Young alongside a stack of other rarities.

From February 12th, Mike is please to confirm his long held ambition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “The Living Years” with an extensive tour of the UK with the current band comprising of Andrew Roachford, Tim Howar, Anthony Drennan, Luke Juby and Gary Wallis.

The Singles: 1986-2013



1. Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)

2. All I Need Is A Miracle

3. The Living Years

4. Word Of Mouth

5. Over My Shoulder

6. A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold

7. Another Cup Of Coffee

8. Now That You’ve Gone

9. Taken In

10. Nobody’s Perfect

11. Everybody Gets A Second Chance

12. Nobody Knows

13. Seeing Is Believing

14. A Time And Place

15. Whenever I Stop

16. Perfect Child

17. Reach Out (Touch The Sun)

18. Try To Save Me


1. When My Feet Don’t Touch The Ground ***New track***

2. One By One Previously unreleased featuring Paul Young & Paul Carrack

3. Nobody Told Me

4. I Think I’ve Got The Message

5. Too Many Friends

6. You Never Change

7. Always The Last To Know

8. You Don’t Know What Love Is

9. Boys At The Front

10. My Crime Of Passion (Acoustic Version)

11. Little Boy

12. Help Me

13. Revolution

14. I Get The Feeling (Live)

15. Taken In (Live)

16. Word Of Mouth (East West Mix)

17. Too Far Gone


Tony Banks has recently released The Wicked Lady for the first time on CD. Visit to order. Also stop by Tony's Facebook page to see new exclusive interview footage.


Starting tomorrow, Mike is about to start touring again with Mike + The Mechanics! They'll be playing around Europe, with a few stops in South Africa. Visit the brand new website for more details and follow their new official Facebook page here .


The official Tony Banks Facebook page has just been re-launched. Check it out at, and be sure to like the page to stay on top of the latest news.


Four new dates have been added to the 18 previously announced shows on the Mike & The Mechanics summer tour. The band will now also be stopping in Kiel and Osnabruck in Germany, and Holmfirth and the Isle of Man in the UK.

For a complete list of all 22 dates and ticket links, visit the Solo site.

Mike & The Mechanics Announce Summer Dates In Europe And The UK

On June 26, Mike & The Mechanics play the O2 Academy in Newcastle, the first of 18 date in Europe and the UK over the course of the summer. For tickets and a look at the complete list of shows, please visit

New Album from Tony Banks

On March 6, founding Genesis member Tony Banks' new classical album Six Pieces For Orchestra will be released on the Naxos label. This is Tony's second classical recording, following 2004's Seven: A Suite for Orchestra.

Tony says of the works: "The titles of the movements refer to the elements of a universal story: seductress, journey, hero, quest, decision and goal. I leave it to the listener to fill in the details, although really it is just music, a story without words."

Be sure to check Tony's soon-to-be-launched website for more details on the new record and where you'll be able to order it.


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